I prefer to be alone but it would be great to relate to someone on some level

Over it

I need to start on serious plans to move away from all the toxic people that live around here

I’d kill for a different taste of poison another town has to offer

I can’t wait to hear from everyone else what’s wrong today

it’s a freeing feeling to not mean shit to anyone

It’s so draining to constantly have to pour attention into someone who’s quickly becoming undeserving of it

Everything feels so bullshit lately

Everyone and everything seems so dramatic and over the top, and everything’s been pissing me off lately

Maybe it’s because I’ve come to the realization that a life worth living is within my reach, but I haven’t taken yet

I’m still stuck in a shit town with friends who don’t like me when I could be somewhere that makes me happy by default, instead of having to find happiness in the rare events of the right time and place

apparently a day to myself is way too much to ask for

It’s getting hard to fake this

Words lose their meaning when mindlessly repeated over and over in hopes of them being returned as an ego boost